The Universities who are supporting members of the LMIC also have web resources related in part to livestock marketing.

University Extension Department Contact
Web page
University of Arizona Russell Tronstad    
Colorado State University Stephen Koontz  
The University of Georgia Curt Lacy    
University of Idaho C Wilson Gray
University of Illinois Paul Peterson    
Iowa State University Lee Schulz  
Kansas State University Glynn Tonsor    
University of Kentucky Lee Meyer  
Louisiana State University Ross Pruitt    
Michigan State University James Hilker
Mississippi State University John Michael Riley
University of Missouri - Columbia Ronald Plain
Montana State University George Haynes    
University of Nebraska Kathleen Brooks    
University of Nevada Tom Harris  
New Mexico State University Terry Crawford    
North Dakota State University Tim Petry
The Ohio State University Matthew Roberts  
Oklahoma State University Derrell Peel  
Oregon State University William Riggs    
Purdue University Christopher Hurt    
South Dakota State University Matthew Dierson    
University of Tennessee Andrew Griffith
Texas A&M University David Anderson  
Utah State University Dillon Feuz
Virginia Tech Gordan Groover    
Washington State University Shannon Neibergs    
University of Wisconsin Brenda Boetel    
University of Wyoming Bridger Feuz