The LMIC produces many types of outputs.  The major responsibility of Center staff is to develop and produce materials designed to help members in their livestock industry programs.  In this role, staff provide weekly graph updates (over 500 unique graphs), newsletters (non-technical and technical publications), electronic market updates, tables, etc.  In order to provide these services, staff maintain a comprehensive database on price, production, consumption, trade, and related livestock industry data.

Center staff cooperate in regional and national conferences, often in conjunction with member economists.  Staff consult on research studies and facilitate multi-state research and education projects.  Center activities help provide a flow of information about current conditions, issues and outlook between members.

Some LMIC products and materials are directly available to the public.  One example is this World Wide Web (WWW) site.  Working with members and/or staff, media (local, regional and national) often use LMIC materials and expertise.  Several agribusinesses, non-member commodity groups, non-member USDA agencies, etc., subscribe to or purchase sets of LMIC materials.  For more information on LMIC materials, contact a member or one of the staff.