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U.S. Live Hog Imports from Canada i-n-02 i-n-02.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Cattle Imports from Mexico i-n-03 i-n-03.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Cattle Imports from Canada i-n-04 i-n-04.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Beef and Veal Exports i-n-16 i-n-16.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Pork Exports i-n-30 i-n-30.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Beef Exports to Japan i-n-37 i-n-37.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Pork Exports to Japan i-n-38 i-n-38.pdf 2/8/2024
U.S. Lamb Imports i-n-44 i-n-44.pdf 2/8/2024
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