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Cattle Markets, Price Discovery, and Emerging Issues

In June 2021, the USDA Office of the Chief Economist and the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) at Texas A&M University jointly sponsored a workshop in Kansas City, Missouri, at which a series of papers summarizing work on fed cattle pricing issues were presented and discussed.  These papers, along with a summary of the workshop, were compiled into a book published by AFPC and available on their website at  The authors of those papers have produced the following series of factsheets which condense and summarize the main findings of their original work.

PD-2021-01 How We Got Here: A Brief History of Cattle and Beef Markets

PD-2021-02 Price Discovery - What It Is and What It Isn\'t

PD-2021-03 The Evolution of Fed Cattle Market Institutions

PD-2021-04 Market Reporting and Transparency

PD-2021-05 How Do Fed Cattle Markets Incorporate New Information?

PD-2021-06 Cattle Market Risks and Their Effect on Price Discovery

PD-2021-07 Assessing How Fed Cattle Pricing Alternatives Address Feeder and Packer Incentives

PD-2021-08 Potential Strategies for Improving Price Reporting and Transparency in the Fed Cattle Market

PD-2021-09 A Summary of COVID-19 Impacts on Beef and Cattle Markets

PD-2021-10  Examining Fed Cattle Negotiated Trade Targets

PD-2022-01 Alternative Marketing Agreement Use and the Supply/Demand Balance in the Fed Cattle Market

Comments from Economists: Comments on the “Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2022”

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